Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Mount Olive Lutheran School

Mount Olive to open Lutheran day school in Fall of 2020!

Mount Olive Lutheran School will provide Kindergarten education in year 1, Kindergarten and 1st grade education in year 2, Kindergarten through 2nd grade in year 3, and eventually providing K-8 education. The school will be funded through tuition fees, Mount Olive Lutheran Church congregational support, South Wisconsin District support, Mount Olive Lutheran Foundation support, and community fundraising. 

Mount Olive Lutheran School will provide faith-based education rooted in evangelism and academic excellence in the tradition of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. View our full 3-Year Plan for the Mount Olive Lutheran School. See below for some kick-start events!


Upcoming Events


 JOIN US for fun and fellowship! Come support Mount Olive Lutheran School at Chick-fil-A on Tuesday, January 28 from 4-7pm. Mention Mount Olive Lutheran School and 15% of sales will be donated accordingly. Also join us for an Open House at Mount Olive from 5-8pm the same night. Invite your friends to tour our classrooms and church grounds. 


Mount Olive Lutheran School will be holding a Culver's Share Night on Tuesday, May 19 and a 2nd Open House at Mount Olive the same night.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about Mount Olive Lutheran School, do not hesitate to contact the MOLS Committee.