Mount Olive Lutheran Church

Leadership Directory

Executive Committee

Director: Gary Strohm


Greg Radmacher

Wade Maleck (Asst Treasurer)

Board of Elders

Director: Curt Casanova

Board of Education

Director: Peggy Rainbow

Board of Fellowship

Director: Cindi Troia

Board of Health & Wellness

Co-Directors: Sarah Casanova, Sarah Maleck

Board of Outreach

Director: David Stansfield

Board of Property

Director: Gene Cropp

Board of Stewardship

Director: Justin Kirchen

Board of Youth Ministry

Director: Mike Frazier

Sunday School

Superintendent: Kristie Kasbohm


Superintendent: Megan Morgan

Mount Olive Foundation

Chair: Chuck Jaskowiak

Care Team

Coordinator: Jo Schoohs

Prayer Chain

Co-Directors: Barbara Koehler, Laurel Zobel